Are you a business, personal brand, or blogger marketing on Instagram?

Have you heard of this thing called, Instagram Stories and how it's taking off #YouHaventMissedOut?


If you're totally fresh on the Instagram scene, I've got ya back! And... if you're no stranger to the 'Gram or Instagram Stories, but you need to uplevel your marketing game and reignite your content mojo with fresh, fun and results oriented strategies, tips and tricks, well my dear, you'd better hold onto your phone because that's what I'm serving up in this Instagram Stories Online Workshop!


I want nothing more for you to be able to confidently show up in your Stories without fear or worry that your background is mess, you don't look the part and you have nothing of value to share! That's all total BS coming to you from your ego. Tell her to take a backseat, you're with me now and we're going to see you using Instagram Stories like a boss, so you can have true impact and make some serious income along the way!

Instagram Stories is only just getting off the ground and I want to train you up to become a smart, successful small business owner, blogger and entrepreneur who is able to leverage this free feature of Instagram to grow your brand, have a bigger impact and add to your bottom line #ChaChing.


Just yesterday, one of my Instagram students made an additional $350 in a 24 hour period by using one of my IG Stories sales strategies. That's at zero ad spend, only one Instagram Story, and it didn't involve pushy, slimy sales tactics.


Another one of my coaching clients applied my formula to her Stories content and she generated 110 email subscribers (grew her email list!!!), for free. Zero ad spend!


They aren't special. I mean, they are beautiful humans but they're no different from you! The strategies you'll pick up in this online 80 minute online Workshop can be applied across any niche and they've been proven and used by HUNDREDS of women in my student community. I've included some of their wins down below.

But really, imagine if you were able to use Instagram Stories to confidently and intentionally nurture your beautiful audience with content they flock to see every time you add to your Story, whilst building your business at the same time! How would that feel? #ItsPossible


Girlfriend, that's the ONLY way I say, and I want to give you the keys to showing up on your IG Stories in a way that is unapologetically you, so that you feel good serving and connecting with your tribe. #IntrovertsToo


If you've never done a single Story or even if you have been dabbling on Instagram Stories but your content is lack lustre, maybe even awkward, adhoc or you simply don't know what to share, then you need to get all up in my Instagram Stories Workshop!

If the only thing you got from the Standout Stories Instagram Stories Workshop was to grow your confidence, than it’d be worth it.


Confidence will cause a ripple effect in every aspect of how you market your brand and carry yourself as a business owner.


I've worked with women who feel so self-conscious, so filled with self-doubt, so unsure of what to say or how to say it, that they do nothing. They freeze or shrink and hide, and in doing so, they are covering the light that is their passion-fueled biz and their talent! They're also blocking themselves from generating income and increasing it ten-fold! Some women even go as far as creating a Story multiple times (over multiple takes) only to delete it and have it go unseen!


But visiblity and confidence isn't all that will INCREASE.

Let's get you:

ļ‚‡ Making an impact as you confidently and soulfully connect with your audience

ļ‚‡ Reaching more of your dream clients and customers

ļ‚‡ Serving and impacting more people that need to hear your message

ļ‚‡ No longer being stuck for ideas on what to share

ļ‚‡ Seeing more likes and genuine comments on your IG posts

ļ‚‡ Receiving DMs on the daily from people wanting to work with you or buy from you

ļ‚‡ Tagged in your target audience's Stories, making you visible to their audience

ļ‚‡ Increased traffic to your website or blog

ļ‚‡ Generate more targeted email subscribers for free

ļ‚‡ Land collaboration opportunities

ļ‚‡ Make Insta friendships

Look babe, Instagram Stories is not going anywhere, but you, with my help in this online Workshop, YOU will soar my darling!

Don’t get left behind. It's your time to shine!

Grab your online Workshop TODAY.

See you on the inside!


“I have just witnessed the power of stories and it’s a wonderful motivator for me to do more! Thank you Tracy Harris for so many things that have led me to this big step. I wouldn’t be moving forward the way I am without all your help.”

-Laurel, Sleepy Hedgehog

Here's what you get:

1 hour 20 minutes of expert training and guidance that you can trust

Lifetime access to this digital workshop

Plenty of real life examples


A plethora of proven strategies that you can go and apply immediately

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to navigate your way around the Stories platform (all the features, tools and functions)
  • Creative hacks to make your Stories more engaging (using features already available to you through Stories)
  • What makes a good Story (how to structure a Story that people want to watch)
  • Time saving tips
  • How to create a signature style and brand aesthetic
  • How to expand your reach and attract new followers with Stories (hashtags, location, shares, shout others out)
  • 4 social and effective ways to sell or build your list using IG Stories
  • My Stories Toolkit - My list of top apps being used by myself and other Instagram Stories unicorns (aka people that are acing it!)
  • How to create Highlights and add them to your profile

"I'm doing the insta stories bonus workshop today....I keep catching myself saying "OH MY GOD, WHAAAT?!" - so many awesome tips and tricks Tracy Harris!"

-Casey (Little Lifelong Learners)


1 Easy Payment


  • 1hr 20 mins of training
  • Lifetime Access
  • Real Life Examples & Strategies

“I am actually getting more engagement from my followers, building a community in every sense. The other thing the more I show up the more my confidence is getting better too!”

-Lara, Life With A Dash Of Colour

Still have questions?

Having a business account is an easy, free switch that we'll show you how to do. It opens up new metrics and analytics for you, so while the course doesn't require it, your success kind of (really totally) does.

Absolutely! It’s always better to put the ground work in and set yourself a strong foundation for success, rather than winging it, wasting time and regretting it later. Plus, you’ll always have the course there to access time and time again as you progress on your Insta journey.  

In fact, one of our most successful students built her audience THEN launched. Guess who her first customers were? (Pretty common story actually!)

The training will be accessible on April 3, 2018. From then, you can work through the lessons at your own pace. Feel free to speed ahead or wander through in your spare moments!

The training will be accessible on April 3, 2018. From then, you can work through the lessons at your own pace. Feel free to speed ahead or wander through in your spare moments!

If you're looking to grow your engagement, have more fun and measure your results in sales, then Hashtag Hustle can definitely help you. That's one of the great things about Instagram - there's no cap on how successful you can be once you leverage its full power.

We have had some students complete it over a weekend! Others like to complete one module per week (five in total). This gives them time to implement the strategies from the lessons and come back when they are ready to move forward. The course is flexible and with lifetime access, it can work around your schedule.

As soon as the course kicks off from the 3rd of April.

Not only that, but you'll have the keys to jump into their head and move in.

This course is a proven success path, so if you have completed all lessons and the workbook, taken the prescribed actions and implemented them on Instagram (and you can show all this to me), and you still haven’t seen improvement in your Insta success, then I will personally refund your money provided it is within 14 days of the course kicking off.

 Yes, we do offer a payment plan option. You can pay for the course over 3 or 6 monthly payments. Just select the payment plan option above.

“I had set my biz an Instagram goal to reach 1000 solid followers by January 1st 2019.

Im soooo so stoked!!! I have it 1012!!! Thank you so much for all your guidance and amazing courses and challenges.”

-Claire, Forever Flower Crowns


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